Platform Engineer (DevOps)



Software Engineering
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Platform Engineer (DevOps)
Ketch is an early-stage startup looking to disrupt the data privacy and cybersecurity market. Our product will deliver technology, not process, to help businesses deliver value to consumers while leveraging their data without violating privacy and trust requirements. Our patent-pending innovation combines cryptography, differential privacy, and distributed ledgers, to ensure ownership, and use of, consumer data, adhering to regulations by design.
So, you’re well versed in infrastructure and operations, but figured out that there is code that can run it for you. You hate waking up at 2 am to production failures and that’s why you have monitors for everything, and enough failover or self-healing set up so you can deal with it in the morning. You’re fine with rolling out code all the time because if anything unexpected happens, you have it covered. You did this already. Twice. So you automated it. And when the caching system had a problem, you found the bug, fixed it and sent them a patch.
Great, we’re dying to talk to you! We’re looking for people who are technical experts and get things done by using their smarts and whatever tools make sense to get the job done. People who love to stand on the shoulders of giants to solve new problems and thrive in a rapidly innovating space.

Your day to day

  • Provide expertise in the design, implementation, and operation of scalable distributed systems to assist development teams in making the right decisions early
  • Develop new methods and tools to automate and self-heal production environments
  • Apply software development workflows to operational environments
  • Test and tune newly developed systems to prepare them for production deployment and ensure maximum performance at minimum cost
  • Automate packaging, deployment, and configuration of internally developed applications
  • Measure everything, providing critical operational insight into our applications
  • Become and stay an expert in our internal applications, from the high-level architecture down to the code
  • Implement new application features, especially features supporting operational excellence: stability, scalability, redundancy, etc.
  • Build tools that make your colleagues more effective
  • Lead, coach and grow our DevOps practice by bridging development, Ops and QA
  • Become and stay an expert in current and emerging technologies and tools
  • Contribute to Open Source solutions and communities we use wherever you can

Your tech friends would say you

  • really know about scalable infrastructure
  • ran production services in the cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) and know where it’s awesome and where it hurts
  • are a great communicator, not at all like the stereotypical geek
  • make things work and get things done
  • love to leave things better than how you found them
  • really grok your CI (CircleCI, etc), Database/Storage (Redis, Cassandra, DynamoDB, ScyllaDB, as well as Postgres) and VCS (git/GitHub) tools
  • are experienced with Container Orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes, Helm)
  • love to automate anything you’ve done more than twice
  • can write a one-liner for anything, but know when not to
  • are fluent in at least one programming language (preferably Go, but any language will do)
  • can’t go to sleep knowing your tests or monitors are failing
  • love to learn new things and can do so quickly
  • you don’t just use the code, you contribute

Your tech friends might even say you

  • love agile/lean development and delivering code
  • know the pros and cons of all the technology trends in your field
  • make excellent informed decisions and know when to ask for advice
  • know your way around the entire stack
  • have a great sense of humor
We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. Individuals seeking employment with us are considered equally and without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.
We do not accept resumes from headhunters, placement agencies, or any 3rd parties. All submissions will be considered a gift and no fee will be due.