Part-time Researcher and Language Consultant (Remote)

Spectrum Labs

Spectrum Labs

Posted on Thursday, July 28, 2022

Who we are looking for

You have great open-source, online research skills and a deep understanding of online discourse. You understand informal online language use and memes, and you enjoy social media, gaming, or other types of online communities. You care about making safer, healthier communities online. You have native or near-native proficiency in one or more of the following languages: Thai, Turkish, and German.

Who we are

We build contextual AI and partner with companies to help deploy it in the precise ways necessary to ensure that constructive, dynamic, and diverse communities grow and evolve online, safely. We are the leaders in online language use, and we build our technology around international human rights standards and a fierce commitment to preventing harm.

What you will be doing 

This is contract-based, freelance work. You will be working on diverse projects that are specific to how language is used when a variety of harmful and constructive behaviors are present. You will complete a combination of research on real user interactions and language-based assessments of how language usage and cultural context vary across multiple behaviors and scenarios online. This is why having both language expertise and a deep understanding of where and how people interact, game, converse, date, harass, spam, etc. is so crucial. 

You will work with our data operations team to build language insights on a per-behavior basis, ensuring that we have the most precise and broad coverage for every type of concerning or valued behavior that comprises human interactions online. You will shine a light on how we can reduce harms and elevate the pro-social and constructive behaviors that make some online communities wonderful places to be.

Your skills and insights

  • Contemporary online language use, abbreviations, memes. The language of the “very online.”

  • Comfortability with open-source research methods to identify platforms and portions of communities online where specific behaviors are present. Example: Are there open-access communities known for cyberbullying that you can examine? Or are there forums that are known for their civility, supportiveness, and tolerance that will be full of exemplary content and interactions? 

  • Ability to provide semantic equivalence for online language. You understand the nuance involved in providing the word or phrase that is the most similar in meaning and usage to the original in English, because you have insights into language, cultural context, and online behavior.

  • Analysis–you can distill lots of language-based data into what’s notable, what’s prevalent, what’s anomalous. 

  • You have experience with toxic content–you feel comfortable reviewing data that may include hate speech, illicit behaviors like solicitation of services or products that are not lawfully sold online, bullying, adult content, and related behaviors. You know how to take care of your well-being, and you have methods for varying your approaches to minimize the impact of uncivil and intolerant online discourse.

  • You are intellectually curious and love cracking puzzles. You work as well collaboratively as you do solo, and you know how to keep yourself organized while managing project work.

The volume of work varies a great deal depending on the language and behaviors involved. We ask that you apply if you are interested in very part-time, ongoing project work that is variable in duration and complexity. This is great work for those seeking side projects that are interesting and that make a real difference in how online communities maintain health and safety.